Most Common Home Inspection Mistakes People Make

Dana Fisher |

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Having a home inspection carried out before completing the purchase of a house has become an essential part of the home buying process. Often, sellers carry out a home inspection to fix any issues that may exist, which will help them get the best possible price.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a home inspection has numerous advantages. With over two decades of experience in the field, at Pinnacle Home Inspections Inc., we’ve often seen clients on both sides make some costly mistakes which could affect their chances of getting value for money.

To help you steer clear of these expensive errors, we have compiled a list of the most common home inspection mistakes people make.

1. Not getting a pre-purchase home inspection done. Many home buyers opt out of having a pre-purchase home inspection as they feel that because of disclosure requirements, the seller will be able to identify any deficiencies in the home. However, even if the seller is completely honest, they may not have sufficient knowledge of the home systems and construction to determine the actual condition of the home. By having a home inspection done by a qualified home inspector, the buyer can be sure they understand the current condition of the house and any factors that may influence the purchase.

2. Hiring a tradesperson. Many home buyers try to save money by using a tradesperson to conduct a home inspection for them. While the tradesperson may be trained in one specific aspect of the home, they will not possess the knowledge of the other home systems. They are neither insured nor qualified to provide this service and are, therefore, unable to offer the buyer any protection should any problems be overlooked. Hiring a trained and insured home inspector gets you the best protection as a home buyer.

3. Choosing a home inspector at the last minute. Buyers often overlook the need for booking a home inspection in advance. When the time for an inspection arrives, they have to rely on last-minute referrals and choose the inspector who is available instead of getting the best inspector. By researching the home inspection company early in the process, the customer can ensure they are getting a reputable and qualified home inspector that will provide the in-depth service they need.

4. Foregoing a pre-listing inspection. Home sellers seldom have a pre-listing inspection conducted. Often, this leads to price negotiations when problems are identified after a prospective buyer has a home inspection done. By carrying out a ‘pre-listing home inspection’, home sellers have an opportunity to repair the problem areas beforehand or at the very least understand the problems and price the home with those considerations in mind.

5. Expecting compensation for every issue. While the home inspector is required to identify all deficiencies in the home, many sellers may have already considered those issues when pricing the house initially. Buyers should use the home inspection as a tool not only for negotiation but for determining if the home is fairly priced.

6. Failing to read the entire report. Many buyers and sellers will only read the initial summary pages and skim or completely skip reading the entire report which means they may miss some issues identified by the inspector. Reading the entire report ensures that you are aware of all the problem areas in and around the house.

If you’re in the process of buying or selling a home and are looking to avoid these and other home inspection mistakes, reach out to the experts at Pinnacle Home Inspections Inc. Having a certification with InterNACHI and twenty-two years of experience in this field, we offer water testing, radon, mold, infrared thermographic and pre-sale inspection services across the South Shore area of Nova Scotia. For a complete list of services, please click here. If you have any questions about home inspections, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here